COVID-19 Updates

Author: Erica Futa

The current Coronavirus outbreak has ongoing, direct consequences for both the operations and needs of many community organizations. In accordance with public health guidelines, most organizations are no longer able to accept on-site volunteers and many are unable to accommodate remote collaboration.

The default expectation at this time should be that organizations are unable to accept volunteers. If you are interested in supporting a community organization at this time, please refer to this list or the article published in the South Bend Tribune to identify and contact a partner that is currently able to work with you. Please note that these recommendations apply even if you are a student who is an active intern or have a placement at a community site.

If you have concerns about a course-based placement, please contact your faculty supervisor.  If you are engaged in a Community-Based Learning Course, please see the Center for Social Concerns website for more resources.

Here are other sites you may visit for more information on staying safe during this emergency situation:

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this challenging, uncertain time.