A Decade of Deepening and Integrating the Work of Engagement


The initial CECC Strategic Plan responded to challenges carefully informed by expansive data-driven processes. Over the initial years (2009 to 2011), three separate inquiries into community engagement provided diverse stakeholder input: the Task Force on Community Engagement in St. Joseph; an external evaluation of Local Community County1; Engagement2; Coordinating Council’s Strategic Planning Pre-Assessment3. The investigations tapped over 400 campus and community-based individuals, and the strategic planning process was guided by the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research.

In more recent years, the Council has drawn input from national networks and consulted with a variety of entities across campus, including each of the Colleges and Schools, relevant institutes, and the Academic Council. 

Key Milestones

  • 2009, December: Associate Provost Dennis Jacobs encourages pursuit of the Carnegie Foundation Classification for Community Engagement

  • 2010, February-August: ad hoc Steering Committee develops Carnegie application

  • 2010, July: Notre Dame invited to join The Research University Civic Engagement Network (TRUCEN)

  • 2011, January: ND receives Carnegie Community Engagement designation

  • 2011, March: First meeting of the Task Force on Community Engagement4, convened by Associate Provost Don Pope-Davis and Vice President Jan Botz, OPAC

  • 2011, June: Report of the Notre Dame Task Force on Community Engagement; recommends formation of Community Engagement Coordinating Council (CECC)

  • 2011-2012: William Lies, CSC, Steering Committee, and CECC complete a 9-month strategic planning process5

  • 2012, July: CECC Strategic Plan for Community Engagement released

  • 2012, August to present: CECC convenes quarterly

  • 2013, July: Inaugural Appointment of Director of Academic Community Engagement (DACE) reporting to Office of the Provost: Jim Frabutt

  • 2015, March: University hosts national meeting of The Research University Civic Engagement Network

  • 2015, July: Mary Beckman appointed as Director of Academic Community Engagement

  • 2016, December:  A Report on the Community’s Perception of Notre Dame’s Engagement Activity is published

  • 2017, AugustNew CECC Strategic Plan developed after consultation with Council members and constituents

  • 2018, JanuaryTask force appointed by the Offices of the Provost and President to develop University application to the Carnegie Foundation

  • 2018, July: Jay Brandenberger appointed as Director of Academic Community Engagement

  • 2019, April: Submission of application to the Carnegie Foundation after extensive data gathering through work of the CECC

  • 2020, February: Notre Dame receives the Carnegie Community Engagement designation 

  • 2020: Council works with University entities, Office of the Mayor in South Bend, and community partners to address engagement issues in relation to COVID-19

  • 2021: New community-engaged scholarship website via the Office of the Provost developed

  • 2022, January: Hope Hollocher of Biological Sciences named Director of Academic Community Engagement (DACE)

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4Members: Carl Ackerman, Mary Beckman, Jay Brandenberger, Jay Brockman, Theodore Cachey, Jay Caponigro, Jim Frabutt, Richard Garnett, Stuart Greene, William Lies, CSC (Chair), Hugh Page, Timothy Sexton, Krupali Uplekar, Mitch Wayne

5Members: Mary Beckman, Heather Boyd, Jay Brandenberger, Julia Braungart-Rieker, Jay Brockman, Ted Cachey, Jay Caponigro, Kevin Dugan, Jim Frabutt, Tom Frecka, Rick Garnett, Stuart Greene, Hope Hollocher, Robert L. Jones, William Lies, CSC, Chris Nowak, Hugh Page, Don Schindler, Tim Sexton, Lucien Steil, Anna Thompson, Mitch Wayne